What You Should Know About Stamped Concrete In Bel Air, Maryland

Stamped Concrete in Bel Air, Maryland, is a unique way to create any type of custom stamped concrete designs on a wide array of existing patios, decks, and walkways. Whether you are looking for a simple accent to create a focal point or create a decorative backsplash using different textures and colors, this unique method of staining concrete will impress and please your design senses. Stamped concrete in Bel Air, MD, uses three types of colors; black, yellow, and dark blue, each of these being applied to the stamped concrete. You can also add text, symbols, and images to your concrete, creating a wide variety of patterns and presentations that can either stand-alone or be incorporated into larger projects such as pool patio designs and exterior staircase designs. Information can be found here.

Stamped concrete uses multiple levels of staining techniques to create a three-dimensional pattern that is textured, which allows the texture to have an effect on the concrete itself. This type of application is known as texture coating because it coats the concrete with a texture that is similar to the texture of the substrate. To apply a texture, a stencil is used, which creates the pattern and is then cut out. The next step is to apply one or two coats of texture coating to the area that you want to stamp. When the staining is dry, you simply wipe away the excess coating and reveal the textured stamped concrete underneath. This type of application is ideal for projects that require precise cutting because the texture coating will help keep the individual slabs straight. See here for information about The Increasing Popularity of Stamped Concrete in Bel Air, Maryland.

Stamped concrete can be either hand-stamped, or automatic stamped concrete stamping machines can be used to complete the project. Automatic stamping machines can create intricate designs or random patterns while providing for a quicker production rate. Hand-stamped concrete has a great texture and can be hand-painted or stained in different colors. With all the different textures and patterns available for stamped concrete in Maryland, you are sure to find just the right style for your project.