Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland Offers Ideal Play Space and Natural Setting

In Bel Air, Maryland, Rockfield Park is one of the best established public parks in the Baltimore metropolitan area. It is located in the north part of Bel-Air and is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped yard that offers an abundance of greenery and an assortment of trails. The park was designed by landscape architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is open all year round. Several routes are leading into the park from different parts of Baltimore. It is a perfect place for families to visit or take a stroll while taking in the beauty of the surrounding natural setting. Bel Air, MD information can be seen at this link.

Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland, has a nice little section that allows you to get closer to nature. There is a large playground area, nature paths & a historical house for park events. You can bring your dog to Rockfield Park in Bel Air, and they will have a great time playing at the dog park. Children will enjoy the natural setting of Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland, as there are several play areas for them to explore. There is even a small playground area with a water supply, so you don’t need to bring your kids to use the water. It’s a nice place to take your children just to have fun while enjoying the beauty of Bel Air, Maryland. Click here to read about The Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland – An Outdoor Adventure.

Many other parks in the Baltimore area have similar design concepts but none are on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland, takes the concept of nature preserves but combines it with a beautiful, human-made playground. Every child that visits Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland, will be happy to see their first green apple or ride their bike on the nature trail. The thought that you could create a more natural surrounding at your destination resort by choosing Rockfield Park in Bel Air, Maryland, over places like Tuscola or Buzzards Bay is a brilliant idea.